Saturday, May 31, 2014

Carpet Cleaning - Things to Consider When Choosing a Residential Carpet Cleaning Company

Deep steam carpet cleaning is highly beneficial to any space with carpeting. However, when it comes to residential carpet cleanings, there are some unique concerns. Having a professional cleaning service visit your home is often the easiest option that also yields the best results. The first concern however, should be with the areas of expertise the company specializes in. Some carpet cleaning companies may be used to handling residential and commercial spaces in their daily cleaning services.

However, others may typically only specialize in large businesses, retail locations requiring carpet cleanings, and areas with expansive square footage. Operationally, this can be a disadvantage to the company when it comes to residential cleanings. The equipment may overwhelm the residential space, or the operators may simply not be trained to properly care for the smaller space.

Perhaps the biggest concern when inviting a cleaning service into your home will be the employees. It is important to choose and staff you find trustworthy, friendly, and helpful. Make sure you know beforehand who will be in your home, and what they may require of you. Will you need to reposition any furniture? Will they assist with this? How will they leave the location? Damp and disheveled, or clean and better than new?

Expertise can also be important when it comes to the cleaning results. Will the cleaners take their time, and do they know how to operate all the required equipment? With deep steam carpet cleanings there is a risk of over wetting or leaving the area without properly drying. This can cause long term damage to carpets, pads, and flooring and be expensive to repair.

The type of cleaner can also factor into residential carpet cleanings. Is the carpet cleaner mounted on a truck? If so you must be sure that they will be able to access all areas required. Is the cleaner portable, and if so how easy is it to set up and move? It is important to make sure the cleaner has all vital information about accessing your residential location to ensure that the cleaning goes as smoothly as possible.

Is the space shared with pets or children? The cleaner may need to be more adept at cleaning certain types of spills of soils that a commercial carpet cleaner may not typically encounter. Additionally, the cleaning solutions must be safe for contact with pets and children, as certain chemicals can be irritating or dangerous in such instances.

The most important things to consider when cleaning a residential space, is the space itself. Keeping in mind accessing the space, the impacts of cleaning (from chemical to environmental in dealing with water and cleaning solutions), and your comfort level. Many times residents will opt to clean their carpets themselves. Simply do the product research, and determine which cleaning solutions, types of cleaners, and techniques will give the desired results. Determine how big of a task you plan to undertake before cleaning the carpets yourself or hiring someone else. Cleaning one room may be manageable, but if many rooms require steam cleaning to task can easily become an undertaking. Either way, deep steam cleaning of residential space is vital for a healthy living environment.

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